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“How much warmer is One Degree”

“How much warmer is One Degree”

Novantel SRL is pleased to be the promoter of the European project “How much warmer is One Degree” which aims to develop an ecological sensitivity among sections of the population with low schooling or coming from a migratory background.
The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program and aims to produce environmental education materials that are freely available online for both students and teachers involved in adult education.

The educational products developed by the project will help young people and adults with low schooling and inadequate knowledge of the language, including foreigners, refugees and migrant women, to develop key competences and skills to understand climate change and to reduce their environmental impact.
From simple and everyday life topics, the complex connections between climate, weather, food, energy, transport, waste cycle, etc. will be explained.

The project involves collaboration between different European partners and the translation of materials into different languages including Arabic.

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